YAZ Services +

 To always provide the best of ourselves to our customers, YAZ PRODUCTION  is also:

  • YAZ Hollywood Guest Stars: celebrities booking for your events. Stars from Hollywood just for you !
  • YAZ DJ Academy: School of the art of becoming DJs. Basics & Professional skills to set fire to the dancefloors !
  • YAZ Fm: Occidental and Oriental web Radios. Enjoy the best music on www.yaz.fm


YAZ Hollywood Guest Stars

YAZ PRODUCTION & ORSON TV PRODUCTION, our representative in the United States, offers you the performance of YAZ Hollywood Guest Stars. Invite your favorite stars to your events for unforgettable moments! We take care of everything to make your dream a reality!



Our star broadcaster Ramzy Malouki with:
Harrison Ford - Nicole Kidman - Robert Retford
Denzel Washington - Liam Hemsworth - Vin Diesel
Bradley Cooper - Halle Berry



YAZ DJ Academy


Inspired by the professional profile of its Manager, former champion of DJs, YAZ PRODUCTION creates YAZ DJ Academy. 
A school of professional DJs, based on skilled training and courses. Qualified teachers and DJ stars will be with us to create and enhance the skills of the future DJs of tomorrow. 
The courses and trainings offered at YAZ DJ Academy are:

  • Basis of the art of being a DJ: Mixing, scratching and beat juggling...

  • Creation of studio music: MAO, mix, tape, compilation...

  •  Professional curriculum: intensive training to become a DJ producer

The first courses will start in the academic year 2015-2016.






Listen to the most beautiful music on www.yaz.fm! 
YAZ PRODUCTION is pleased to manage the programming of two musical radios acclaimed worldwide by more than one million fans.

  • YAZ.FM: International Music combining nostalgic songs and current tubes!
  • YAZ.FM Arabica: Oriental Music with the biggest stars of the moment!


A Program that never ceases to grow for the happiness of its faithful listeners.